With the postglacial uplift of Scotland, the topology and geography of the coastal regions have changed; it is in these terms that the history of Scotland, focusing on the early capital of the Scots from Ireland, is best understood.

Selected papers

Lathe, R. (2004) Arthur of Dalriada revisited. Heroic Age 7, Spring 2004

Lathe, R. and Smith, D. (2015) Holocene relative sea-level changes in Western Scotland: the early insular situation of Dun Add (Kintyre) and Dumbarton Rock (Strathclyde). Heroic Age 16, 1–12

The origin of the Scots/English name Dunadd, a former centre of the Dalriadic Scots (Bannerman 1974; Skene 1876 II, 229-30), presents a puzzle. Evidence for the pronounciation and appropriate spelling of the modern Gaelic form of the name and it’s relation to historical forms and to the more recent variants is presented below, together with an outline discussion of a number of topographically plausible, but liguistically problematic, derivations.

Selected papers

Cox, R. and Lathe, R. (2017) The Question of the Etymology of Dunadd, A fortress of the Dalriadic Scots.