Welcome to Pieta Research

Taking blue sky ideas through to consolidation, Pieta is an independent Biotech/Biomed Research and Consultancy initiative founded in 2002 by Richard Lathe and based in Edinburgh.

Pieta focuses on scholarly scientific / technical assessment and review of developments in the academic and biotech sectors.

Our specialist areas include: molecular biology, neuroscience, immunology, and physiology.

Academic interests range from Biomedicine to the Origin of Life

Our Experience / track record.

Biotech: AT, F, D, DK, IRL, NL, CH, SLO, UK, USA
Academic: AUS, IRL, B, DK, F, FIN, IL, NO, NZ, S, UK, USA
IPR: European Patent Office; District Courts (D,USA), Court of Patent Infringements and Interferences (USA)